Hello Lovelies!

I have the wonderful Heather Lyons – Author of A Matter of Fate and A Matter of Heart (BOTH AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE) on my blog today answering some book related and other questions I’ve been dying to know about her.

So here we go 🙂


Heather thank you so much for joining me on my blog today. I had recently had the opportunity to read through your wonderful Swoon-worthy book: A Matter of Fate.  Since then I’ve been dying to a few things. Mind if I ask them?

Sure! Thanks for having me, Priya. 🙂

1.     How did you come about this story? I mean, the plot, the people…

Ever since I was little, when my grandmother used to read me stories about the Greek, Roman, and Norse pantheons and go constellation hunting with me, I’ve been in love with world mythologies. The Fate series is basically homage to my fascination with these (and other) ancient mythologies. To me, it was fascinating to think, “What if there were people who controlled everything? Who would these people be? What if the big gun was a 17 year old girl with boy problems?”

2.     Why the twins? Kellan and Jonah? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the Twins. I say the more the merrier, EVEN thought I’m not able to make up my mind about who I LIKE BETTER. So why did you decide to go the route of twins, instead of brothers or something else? *I LOVE THE TWINS* lol.

Back in high school, when I wrote a truly cheesy story about a girl time travelling to Medieval Scotland and meeting hot twins, I saw a documentary about the links twins, especially identical ones, have. It truly fascinated me. I guess that stuck with me over the years, especially after I had my own twins (who are fraternal, though). When I decided to challenge myself with a love triangle story, I thought, what could be more difficult than having my main character have to pick between identical twins?

3.     Will we see more of Cora and Karl in the future? Like will we get a story for each of them? Because I LOVE these characters, A LOT!

Ahh! So glad to hear you like them! Karl is one of my favorite characters, too. Throughout the series, you’ll definitely see more of them. As for individual stories . . . I’ve written a short story about the first time Karl came into contact with Moira in Annar (you can find it on my website under extras), but for any full-length stories, probably not. We’ll see, though. Never say never, right?

4.     So I’ve read a lot of books with love triangles, and some I loved, some I HATED. So I have to ask and because I really was conflicted. We don’t even know who Chloe is supposed to end up with until well into the story. Was there a reason for this? 

Most definitely. From my own personal experiences, I’d been super frustrated with love triangles in books where you knew who the main character would end up with fifteen pages in, only to slog through the rest of the book, suffering when you already knew what would happen. I wanted to write a love triangle where the choice wasn’t easy, nor was it clear. It’s actually been great hearing from readers how, between A Matter of Fate and A Matter of Heart, their allegiances sway often between which twin they want Chloe to end up with and why.

5.     Describe Kellan in 5 or less words from Chloe’s perspective.

To Chloe, Kellan is: exciting, volatile, loving, and unpredictable.

6.     Describe Jonah in 5 or less words from Chloe’s perspective.

To Chloe, Jonah is: her rock, loving, loyalty, and steadiness.

7.     Okay, now I’m all done with the book related questions. I want to know more about you Heather! What’s your favorite hobby? If writing is it, I want to know apart from writing, what else you enjoy doing?

I’m a diehard music junkie. I LOVE discovering new indie bands to crush and swoon over, so I’m always on the hunt for good tunes to listen to and then share with fellow music junkies. Up until recently, I ran a music blog. I also love going to shows—I’m seeing The National in August and I’m beyond excited about it. They’re phenomenal live! And then in October I’ll be seeing my very favorite band, Frightened Rabbit, for the zillionth time. If I love a band, I’ll stalk every single of their shows in my area.

8.     Are you a Cat or a Dog person? Yes, there’s a right answer to this J.

Ahh . . . well, the truth is, both. I have a cat AND a dog. And I love them equally!

9.     If you have to pick a book boyfriend, would you pick: A) Travis Maddox from Beautiful Disaster, B) Daemon from Lux Series, C) Aiden from Covenant Series OR D) Caleb from Significance Series.

I’m going to go with . . . none of these dudes. Sorry! But if we’re talking Young Adult books—I find Étienne St. Clair in Anna in the French Kiss totally swoon-worthy, and if we’re talking New Adult, Cam Hamilton from Wait for You. Brigan from Fire comes a truly close second—or is that third?

Well that’s all I have! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and answering all my questions. I can’t wait to read book 2. I seriously hope there’s MORE KELLAN in there.

Thanks so much for having me on your blog, Priya! And yes—A Matter of Heart has LOTS of Kellan. Okay, both Jonah and Kellan, but you probably guessed that!


Signing off :D.