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New Book

I’ve been working vigorously on a new book in YA Paranormal Romance genre. I”m hoping to have a completed draft ready for editor’s eye by the end of this month. But here is a little blurb Temperance, Ren, is a seventeen year old soon to be senior at Royal Hills High School, had a very comfortable life until her parents were brutally murdered a year ago. With the loss of her parents, she became distant to her friends and her one and only older brother – Joshua.   Her luck seems to have turned when a mysterious blue-eyed stranger enters her life. Only now she is thrown into his world of magic, power-driven monarchy, and death that she never expected.   She finds answers about her past that was kept well hidden all these years – for a good reason. Most importantly, she finds the reason for the mysterious blue-eyed stranger is in her life. Unfortunately, finding the answers costs her much more than what she bargained for – shattering her world and her belief in what fate has in store for her.   Death is lurking around the corner.   While love saves her...

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Activity Management

This Blog should provide you with basic understanding of Activity management. Topics to be covered: 1)      Two types of Activities 2)      Activities Structure in CRM 3)      3 Setting stages to configure 4)      Copy Control     Chapter 1   What is an Activity: an activity is a document that has information “planning actions” that are required during CRM lifecycle. Activity management manages all data that consists of data that a relevant employee must have access to. Some examples of activity are: Telephone calls, e-mails, sales call, etc   There are two types of Activities: 1)      Business Activity – consists of information regarding Business Partner (BP) interaction “on a particular date.” These are any kind of public interactions for a business that require a BP involvement such as phone calls/letters and these must have a start and finish dates. These can be defined using SPROà CRMà Basic settings 2)      Tasks – contains of information that one or more employees need to complete “by a particular date.”  These don’t require the involvement of a BP (except for a Employee Responsible) and are either public/private reminders/wide range of possibilities.  Some examples might be, need to call customer back by the end of day, need to prep presentation material for a meeting, it’s my friends B-day, send a nice greeting card, etc… Task has an option of marking it as private, which will...

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