Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 3.33.23 PMDracian Origins Book #2

Release: TBD


Editing Phase

WARNING: If you haven’t read Dracian Legacy, please continue with caution as it contains a major spoiler from Book 1.

First Ren loses her family. Then to give her friends a fighting chance to stay alive, she leaves them behind to embark her life in Dracia.
Her fear of losing Axel nearly paralyzes her at every turn. She tries to distance herself from him, but Axel isn’t one to give up so easily. True to his word, he sticks by her side, continuing to be her strength, her confidant, her protector… His constant, earnest presence brings down Ren’s defenses, one brick at a time.

With haunting visions, a kidnap or two in the works, the mystery of her brother’s dying words, and an ultimatum hanging over her head, Ren’s life becomes more than what she bargained for.
To make matters more complicated, Dean’s strange behavior has her apprehensive. There’s no banter, no gloating, and at times, even, detached. Then he shows up anytime, anywhere Ren’s in trouble.

But all of these things are the least of her concerns. The one man she’s trusted with her life has shown his true colors. Devastated by the betrayal, she must choose. With nothing else to loose, will Ren face a hopeless world alone or turn to the welcoming arms of darkness.

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