Hello Loves!

As some of you might have known, I’ve officially finished Dracian Origins two weeks ago. I’m taking a small break, before I dive back into the revisions phase, which always seem to take me the longest time. But fret not, I have learned quite a few things from writing the first book. SO I’m going to do everything I can, to make Book 2 better than the first one.

But in the meantime, to quinch your thirst, I’m including all the teasers I’ve released so far for this book on both my Facebook and Twitter pages.  If you haven’t already done so, and you want to get up-to-date teasers and follow my progress on all WIP, please take a minute and click here to like my facebook page and follow me on twitter.

Also, I had previously promised that if I get 250 adds for Dracian Origins on Goodreads, I’ll post a MAJOR teaser.  It’s the Epilogue, the ending from the book. So please share, share, and help me reach 250 adds!

Here’s the link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17302634-dracian-origins

Without further ado, here are the teasers:

Disclaimer: This is NOT from the final version of the book and may change before publication.

Teaser #1:

Let’s go.” Dean, my protector, tugged at my arm.

“What? No!” I snatched away from his grip. The unmistakable battle cries, metal against metal sound, and whooshing hums of Dracian magic from our warriors’s losing battle, were too
loud to ignore. “We can’t leave our people behind.” I turned to head over the metal door that we had just passed through.

“Don’t be stupid.” Dean lowered his voice to a whisper. “Your life is worth more than anyone else’s in this room.”

The contents in my stomach churned at his statement. They were all sacrificing themselves for me. For someone they didn’t know. I shook my head. “No I can’t—”

With an earsplitting boom the iron doors burst open, throwing us to the corners of the room.

My back hit the wall and my vision blurred for a few seconds. The ringing in my head pounded against my skull. I groaned, my hand rubbing over my tender tailbone.

My eyes took in the flicks of redish-orange blaze before us. Around the room, Dracians slowly recouped from the blast, finding their way back up to their feet. Few bruised and some others with visible gash wounds and bleeding.

A body laid motionless.

My heart thudded against my chest as I scan around the room trying to find Axel. Where was he?

Teaser #2:

He turned to his captive who looked as alive as a dead bird on a hot summer day. His foot roughly pushed against the prisoner’s cheek as he looked down with an ominous smile. “Any last words, before you die, Dracian.”

“Yeah,” Mute’s voice rasped. “Just one thing. You’re feet really stink. You should consider a pedicure.”

Oh, Mute! Now was really not the time to piss off a delusional psychopath.

*Mute is one of the new characters that Ren meets in Dracia. He’s fun and nerdy. <3

Teaser #3:

“I need you, angel. I’m suffocating.” He cupped my cheek, pushing back the sweaty strands of hair behind my ear. “God baby, I need you. I need you so damn much.”

Teaser #4:

Through the bluish-red flames, a cluster of hooded bodies, dressed in blood-red trench coats, marched in. Their synchronized march resonated against the four corners of the room. With keen precision they parted way in the middle like an unknown force had moved them apart.

A brown haired man I had only seen once before stepped though the pathway, his head high, shoulders stiff, and a smile that would have had the devil peeing in his pants.

Teaser #5

“Sometimes loving someone means making decisions that’d break you into million pieces” I leaned down and pressed my lips to his forehead. I squeezed my eyes shut, feeling a little disoriented. “Goodbye Alexander, my love.”