I’ve been debating now for quite sometime regarding a release date for my first novel.  I’ve been working really hard to do all the things that a self-publish author needs to put in place before publishing.

The Book Cover Reveal for Dracian Legacy is set for December 18th, 2012.

Dracian Legacy is set for a e-book and Print release date of February 14th, 2013.

In preparation for the Release, I had teamed up with many bloggers to do a Blog Tour from February 12th – March 15th. During this time period, keep an eye out for giveaways, POVs from other characters, character interviews, deleted scenes, character bucket lists and much much more!

But really none of this is possible without the team of bloggers/friends/authors that had helped me along the way! I’ll post another blog to provide the exact dates to each of the blogs and what they are hosting for the tour!  I hope when the time comes you’ll be able to visit each and every one of them!

Now, I want to take some time to thank my team that had been working with me to make this a success. In another word, My Support Team that wanted to throw rocks at me, but didn’t!:

My Critique Partners.  There is no better gift to a writer than a critique partner that provides a valuable feedback and doesn’t curse you out for horrible writing!  And I’ve found them (Feel free to state otherwise ladies).  I’ve these four ladies to thank for their wonderful feedback and patience. And lets not forget the painful process of telling me what really sucks about the story and writing! I’m glad we are still friends after that experience =).

My Editor: I must say that I’m fortunate enough to say that I’ve hired a professional editor to review my book and risk the possibility to curse the living daylights out of my writing.  Regardless, the amazing Amy Eye had gracefully accepted to work with me. Her partner in crime, Cassie McCown has been working with me for over a month to get all the edits completed for the book to get it published on time. Cassie is absolutely a pleasure to work with and I’m looking forward to working with her on many other projects! <3 you girl!

My Book Cover Designer:  What can I say, I stalked her through Twitter, Facebook and her website, because her work is that amazing!  Regina Wamba from Mae I Design will be working with me to bring my story to life.  She creates designs that are so ridiculously gorgeous that you would want to do nothing but stare at it for few minutes. It’s that enthralling! But don’t take my word for it. To get a glimpse of her amazing work, click here.

My Beta Readers: These two girls were handed the edited version of Dracian Legacy as the edits are being completed. Both of them were wonderful with providing me with feedback about the story development, grammer, and anything else they saw fit for improvements as readers. And boy did they help! So thank you for your hours of dedication to help me improve the story of Ren, Axel, and Dean!

In addition to my wonderful team, I also would like to take this time and thank two others.

Author Krystle Jones!  She is the amazing author of The Scarlett Dagger series (also includes recently released Dark Horizons) and Veiled Innocence.  Time after time, she had been patient and answered every one of my  ridiculous questions and favors that I threw at her like a champ.  It just amazes me there are people out there still who work full time, and work on their books full time and take the time to help a fellow author!  So Special Thank You Krystle!

Author Devyn Dawson!  Another amazing author that has taken the time to help me and show the ropes around the whole self-published schenaigans.  There wasn’t a single question this woman can’t answer!  I mean, we probably covered everything from editors to ISBNs I would need to get myself published.  In addtion to that, she writes amazing stories about werewolves, vampires, and witches.  Check out her books: The Legacy of Kilkenny, Malevolence, The Light Tamer, and Enlightened A Light Tamer Novel

In addition, I would like to thank all readers and book bloggers for taking the time to stop by and patiently waiting for my updates.  You guys ROCK!

Cover reveal is only 4 days away! EEP =).