Hello Lovelies!

I know I haven’t written a blog post in what seems to decades, BUT fret not, because I’m writing one now AND it’s super long =).

First of all, I’ve to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU EVERYONE for your support, for your constant encouraging words, for your emails, for adding me on twitter, facebook, goodreads, email subscriptions AND taking the time to talk to me! THANK YOU!

I try to respond to every email/comment I receive from you guys and if for some reason I don’t, feel free to send me another… It probably just got buried under =).


Let me start off by answering the question “What’s been going on…”

Well, if you guys had been following me I’ve been crazy busy with Dracian Legacy Release Planning, which is set out to be released in less than a month. FEBRUARY 14th, 2013 <– Valentine’s day! I can’t wait to get the story in your hands.

The book had been sent to multiple bloggers and they are reviewing as we speak. So far the ratings for the book have been tremendous and I couldn’t be more happier! Also I’ve set up a blog Tour for the release which starts Feb 12 and runs all the way through March 15. Dracian Legacy is featured every day of this tour on at least one blog, MOST of the times twice during the tour on 55 different blogs from all around the world. 55! That’s AMAZING support! Be sure check it out.

I’ll put a post up as we get closer to What, Where, and Who.

To give you an idea the blog tour will include:

  • Deleted Scenes (4 of them)
  • Axel and Dean’s POVs (YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS)
  • 3 Excerpts
  • Prologue & Chapter 1 release
  • Teasers sprinkled all over the place
  • Interviews – Entertaining and insightful character interviews & boring ones by yours truly (you should definitely skip my interviews, Just saying)
  • Playlist for the book
  • 29 different book reviews by bloggers

AND on top of all the goodies, during the tour, I’m giving away 3 more Dracian Legacy e-book copies AND Giftcard(s). I might also include a print copy or two, if I get them in my hands in time before the giveaway ends.

I’ll PROVIDE more details as we come close to the tour. Believe me you don’t want to miss this Giveaway! It could get REALLY big!


Dracian Legacy ALL AROUND the world…. Well USA and London at least =)

Dean Jensen will be featured on two websites as a Valentine’s treat. That’s right guys! He’s already building a strong fan base among the readers, THAT he’s being featured as Valentine’s BOYS along side with DANTE WALKER & KAIDEN ROWE *Squee*.

*dances around the room*

Okay, back. So to get your first taste of Dean Jensen and the cause for the ruckus, be sure to visit the lovely ladies websites provided below for the hosted interviews on February 11th!!!!!!

  • Jessica Baker at http://justabooklover.blogspot.com <– <3 <3 <3 this girl to pieces! That’s all =).
  • Jana at http://jana-thebookgoddess.blogspot.com/ <– If you’re looking for honest genuine reviews, this is the girl for you!

In addition Both of them are participating in the Blog tour with book review AND Dean POV =). DON’T Miss out!

The next spotlight fir Dracian Legacy comes from the amazing Kayleigh at http://k-booksxo.blogspot.com/ <– this girl is not only taking part in my Blog tour on two different days with a review AND the blog tour ending, she’s featuring Dracian Legacy as the SERIES of the MONTH in APRIL 2013! AHHHHHHH…. Can you believe this?

Now you guys have to understand WHY i’m sooo excited about all of this. In addition to getting all the book love, these girls eat, breath, read, and anything in between with books… IN addition they are HUGE Jennifer L Armentrout FANS *** if you have forgotten, SO AM I =). So it’s a real HONOR and i’m soooo HUMBLED that they would take the time in their busy lives to feature my work!

Yeah, I’m totally excited about this.


Apart from that what else have I been busy with? Well let’s just say that my son Jay TURNED 2 on January 16th! I ended up taking a day off to spend it with him and we had a BLAST. It included lots of playing, eating tons of frosting, cupcakes, Bubba King (Translation: Burger King), napping, playing in snow… Yeah, it was a fun filled day =).


AND now for the other big news! I’ve been plotting and writing on another story that has nothing to do with Dracian Legacy. It’s a NA Contemporary Romance with some action (I can’t write a book with out action). I don’t have a title or a blurb for it. But as soon as I do I’ll keep you informed.

To keep you guys interested here’s the general plot. Please be advised, my stories ALWAYS change as I write them.

Character you’ll LOVE: Sami, Cam, and Ryker. Each with their own flaws and hardships that keeps each of them distant from ever getting close to any one.

There’s a challenge involved where first dates are all about sky diving, flag footballs, volunteering at food banks, etc…

Oh, did I mention, CAM’s a Biker Racer Junkie? Yeah, he’s =)

Believe me you don’t want to miss just HOW these characters evolve, learning to TRUST and LOVE again. Oh, lets not forget the crazy heart pounding action packed ending….MIGHT include car or bike chase…. haven’t made up my mind yet =).

SO this story, has a tentative release set for Summer of 2014.


ALSO, i had another idea I’m currently PLOTTING, which a tentative release date is set for Summer 2015.

PLOT: It’s set sometime in 3100 and Males Don’t exist.

Protag Name: Spark.

Genre: YA Sci-Fi Dystopian.

Well that’s all I’ve got for now! Remember I do lots of updates and teasers on Twitter and Facebook. If you want to keep update with me, make sure you follow me on at least one of those social networks. And if you want to know what I’m working on, please sure to check out the “Coming Soon…” page.

AND here’s something to keep you waiting until the release date!

REN from Dracian Legacy:

Axel and Ren

Loving Axel was complicated… even dangerous… But Axel and I were infinite.

AXEL from his POV:

Axel and Ren3

It was her or the fate of the world. This time, I choose the fate of the world.

DEAN from his POV:

Dean and Ren

Just one word. One word and I was ready to take her away from all of this, from everything that our future held for us, for her. Just one word and I was hers.

Okay guys, that’s all I’ve got for now. Phew that was ONE LONG post. But I guess that’s what happens when I go missing for so long =). ONLY 3.5 weeks left guys for the release!

Be sure to leave a comment when you get a minute! I wanna hear from you!!!!