Welcome Katy!  I’ve been thinking about inviting you to my blog for an interview since before summer. And finally, here we are! I must say I’m super super excited to have you on my blog Katy!  It really feels like I should mark my calendar of this epic day :). Seriously, that’s how super duper excited I am to have you here! So, thank you for taking the time to be here :).

Priya, thanks so much for having me over!

Now, with Mine releasing and topping Amazon #1 chart within 48 hrs, I want to know how you did it? I mean, how did you come up with such an awesome story, plot, and characters that draw in your readers and keep them panting… I mean, wanting more?
It makes me so happy that Brooke and Remy are back with their readers. And to be honest, I didn’t plan any of this. When Remy came to me so I could write his story, I merely sat down to write it, loving every moment of it. I didn’t really set out to prove anything to anyone. I enjoyed them so much, I was very tempted to share, and I’m really happy I did since there are so many readers out there who’ve been touched by their story like me.

Oh, your fans sure are excited to have both Brooke and Remy back…. We’re excited to have you back!

Hey Priya! You are awesome!! OK HERE WE GO!!! 🙂 THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

When and How did the idea/plot for Real come about? I mean to give Rems the bipolar disorder and yet to make him sooooo swoony, it’s a talent!
I read a book called “The Genie in your Genes” by Dawson Church, a really amazing book that talks about genetics, and it mentioned the eye color change that is sometimes present in people with Remy’s condition. It intrigued me, and since mental illness is such an important topic for me, suddenly I met Remy and from the moment I did, he gave me the book title which basically told me exactly what Real was going to be about. I had a blast!

Being a writer, I have to know, when you write your stories how do you write them? Do you sit down and plot the story (or series), then get in the zone until you’re done or….?

Haha. Oh that method is quite sneaky, right? I seem to always think about the book for a few days, then I sit down and write what’s most eating at me. When I get stuck, I try to walk it out or drive it out or think it for a moment before I sit down and try to tackle it again! 🙂
Do you have a real life inspiration for our beloved Rems? lol. Yes, I call him Rems *wink*
Oh I love his nickname! I call him Remster sometimes too, hah. And no, I have yet to find a real live man that embodies everything Remy! 🙂
I love my husband to pieces, but there are times when he really gets on my nerves and boy, do I love him for it! As a matter of fact, it’s these little things that annoy me that makes me love him more. It keeps us on our toes and bring us closer everytime we overcome our differences and accept one another all the same. I swear I have a point here… lol.
So, what’s one thing that would make Brooke go apeshizzle on Rems? What’s that one thing that’d make Brooke dare go into the ring, face-to-face with Rems?
Well they’re both human. He’s jealous and possessive, and so is she, so that can definitely get on one of their nerves. He’s also cocky, which is cute, but again, it could also make her moody if she’s not in the mood to be teased as we sometimes are, haha.
*giggles* Okay now the same question, but for Rems. What’s that one thing that would make Rems go apeshizzle on Brooke?
Well I don’t think he’d take well for her to be overly friendly with any guys. He even struggles with her relationship with Pete and Riley sometimes. His jealousy and possessiveness is definitely something that could drive him and her crazy.
*Snickers* Katy – thank you soooo much again for taking the time and letting us all get inside your head, as well as Remy and Brooke!  It had been wonderful chatting with you.
Priya, THANK YOU! Thank you for your amazing support and for having me over, it’s my real pleasure to be here.
*bows* *hug attack* lol.
Priya, you are truly awesome. Thank you!!!

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