Hello everyone!

I have to say that during this process of writing my book and reaching out to readers and blogger and authors and friends…wow that’s lots of ands, anyhoo… I had come across so many passionate people that I had come to love and interact with almost on a daily basis.  If any of you knew me oh four or so years ago, you would be in a shock to know I’M a no-longer a shy introvert. Anyways, the reason for this particular babble was to introduce you guys to a new blogger that’s a book-a-holic and loves to blog about her passion!

If you get a chance, please go to her website and give her lots of support and support.

Here’s some quick info and places you can, eh… viral stalk her =).

Name: Nuzaifa:

Likes: Bookaholic(duh!),Blogger,eBook Hoarder,Blog Stalker,Pinterest Addict, Loves Gummy Bears and Giveaways

Virtual Stalking places:

Also don’t forget I’ve got some news coming your way.  Keep your eyes open for it on December 10th, 2012.