I’ve ventured into new dangerously shark infested waters back in March 2012 when I sat down to write my first book – a Young Adult Paranormal Romance Novel.


I’ve always been excellent at writing my thesis statements, presentations, speeches, well, you get the point.  But writing this novel was absolutely excruciating.

There has been days, when I was up at at three in the morning writing quality story, crying, giggling, furious with the characters in my book.  Other times, I was ready to pull out my hair googling, researching, and hitting my head against the wall.

All those hours I’ve spent building my characters has finally come to an end.  The original story I started with to what the story had turned out to be were two complete beasts.

I wrote and rewrote my story four times so far.  My characters that started out as families have become friends, and friends that became more than friends.  I’ve made the good become the evil and vice versa.

With one last review, I’m ready start looking for beta readers that can provide me with constructive feedback.

This journey has been…saying adventure quite doesn’t cover my experience…mind blowing and something I ever thought I would do in a million years.  But I’m glad that I did.  Mind you, that “feeling” might disimate when I start getting feedback.
*laughs nervously*

The story of Joshua, Ren, Axel, Dean, and many others will continue on two the next two installments as they continue on the journey to conquest their hurdles and fears and lose with strength, humor, and most importantly love at the core of it all.

Without further adeu, here is the update blurb for new debut novel and let me know what you think!

Dracian Legacy

Seventeen year old, Ren Pernell had a tough year when she lost her parents in a freak accident.  Little did she know there are no such things as accidents.

Now in her world where only her supportive best friend Peyton and her brother Joshua were allowed, a stranger and old crush wiggles their way into her life.  Is it a coincidence or a miracle that has been sent from above to bring her out of her stupor?  Think again.

Secrets are revealed.

Strength is tested.

Destiny intervenes.

And Death once again enters her life.