Hello Lovelies!
Today I have a newbie blogger answering questions about being a new blogger. I hope you guys enjoy this refreshing interview with her. I MOST certainly had tons of fun :).

Now without further Ado, here’s the wonderful, sweet as heck Richa!!!

  • Tell us a little about yourself, for e.g. where are you from, are you a student, any siblings, fav book boyfriends, etc… J Yes as a book junkie, book boyfriend stuff should be part of your bio :).

Okay, let’s see… I’m currently a rising high school senior in Singapore, and I’ve lived here pretty much my whole life. And I’m terrified of senior year! I love reading (obviously) and TV and music and sports. I’m obsessed with watching football (I’m referring to English football) And what else… Oh, I have a very annoying twin sister who pretty much lives to frustrate me. Now, to book boyfriends. Haha. Umm… Daemon Black for sure. And all of JLA’s other guys! For those of you who haven’t read her books yet, you’re missing out on A LOT. Trust me. My other favourite book guys include Kaidan from Wendy Higgins’ Sweet Trilogy, Dante Walker from The Collector by Victoria Scott, Ash from The Iron Fey series, Will from The Infernal Devices… As you can see, I can go on and on!

  • How or why did you start blogging?

It’s funny; it was actually a total on-the-spot decision. I was at home, kind of bored, and decided to create a blog. And therein was the birth of City of Books! One of my best friends, Rabiah, is a blogger, so I used to check out her blog and later thought it would be cool to create my own, so I could share my love of books with the blogosphere.

  • How long ago did you start blogging?

I started blogging in September 2012, so wow, it’s been almost a year!

  • When you initially started to now, how was blogging different? Do you love it? Do you like it? or rather wish you were facing a snake? Lol.

I’d say it’s pretty much the same, since it’s been less than a year. But I’m definitely doing a lot more now than before! Of course I love it <3 It’s one of the constants in my life. But sadly I’ll have to cut down a lot when school starts up again… Not looking forward to that!

  • Did you get any support from blogging community when you got started?

I definitely did get loads of help from Rabiah @ Confessions of a Readaholic at the beginning. I had no idea how things worked, and she explained quite a lot to me. As soon as I got started, the rest of the blogging community was really supportive too. I love how awesome and helpful bloggers are.

  • Now that you been blogging for some time, if you were approached for advice for new bloggers, what would you tell them? Any tidbits that they need to watch out for or wish you had done differently?

Well I’d tell them that if they love books, it’s definitely worth it. Especially the crazy amount of bloggers you’ll get to know! I talk to so many on Twitter now, and even though I’ve never met them I still feel pretty close to them. But blogging does take up a lot of time. A lot! Especially once you get review requests or discover NetGalley and Edelweiss. I go all grabby hands when I’m on those sites, and it doesn’t help my grades in school at all. But I’d never give it up J

  • Speed dating type of questions?

Bring it on! hehe

  1. Cat or Dog? Dog, definitely. I hate cats.
  2. Soda or Coffee? Soda
  3. Shower in the morning or at night (YES I TOTALLY WENT THERE… Lol) Haha, morning!
  4. Flowers or Chocolate? CHOCOLATE <3 I’m a total chocoholic.
  5. Alpha males or Softie? Somewhere in between 😉
  6. LAST BUT NOT LEAST: If you have to pick a book boyfriend, would you pick:  A) Travis Maddox from Beautiful Disaster, B) Daemon from Lux Series, C) Aiden from Covenant Series OR D) Caleb from Significance Series.    Easy! Daemon for sure <3 But Aiden is close behind J

Thank you Richa! I’m so happy to have you on my blog and hope you can stop by again soon!