I’ve been working vigorously on a new book in YA Paranormal Romance genre. I”m hoping to have a completed draft ready for editor’s eye by the end of this month. But here is a little blurb

Temperance, Ren, is a seventeen year old soon to be senior at Royal Hills High School, had a very comfortable life until her parents were brutally murdered a year ago. With the loss of her parents, she became distant to her friends and her one and only older brother – Joshua.
Her luck seems to have turned when a mysterious blue-eyed stranger enters her life. Only now she is thrown into his world of magic, power-driven monarchy, and death that she never expected.
She finds answers about her past that was kept well hidden all these years – for a good reason. Most importantly, she finds the reason for the mysterious blue-eyed stranger is in her life. Unfortunately, finding the answers costs her much more than what she bargained for – shattering her world and her belief in what fate has in store for her.
Death is lurking around the corner.
While love saves her humanity.