I’ve noticed there has been a spike in this new genre called NEW ADULT (NA).  After some research and commencing with a very resourceful  Juliana Haygert (THANK YOU Juliana!) and reading through bunch of other websites, mainly the NA Alley website here’s what I found.

Psst.  You listening?  Come a little closer.

New Adult is all about the path of life to  discovery and growth experienced from shedding the innocence and becoming the independent and responsible Adult.

Here are few major pointers that separate NA from YA

  • YA is targeted towards the ages of 14 to 18 years, while the NA takes on the Fresh of the boat (FOB )college students, so that would be anywhere from 18 to 25 years of age.
  • While YA concentrates on discoveries and first experience in physical relationships, the NA takes the readers to the next step.  The intensity of those experience are explored at a greater depth in not so innocent waters.  The protagonists are not so shy about romance and are willing to test things they weren’t willing to previously.  It gets the readers heart pounding for sexual tension that builds between the characters.
  • Readers of YA can expect their characters to still be tied to family or some sort of guardianship.  The NA readers, on the other hand, can expect the characters to discovering their freedom to use or misuse them, living away from home.  The NA protagonists are always working to cope with self-discovery, self-preservation, a sense of independence and learning the way of the true world.

So, there it is!  Simple right?  Now go read some NA books.  If you want recommendations, let me know and I’ll be happy to provide them!

Happy reading =)