Hello Lovelies!

Start in January 2015, I’m planning on scheduling a handful of blog posts surrounding Publishing world. These are going to be in a series of topics. They range from anything between Self-publishing to traditional publishing to writing to creating your dream team.

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Here’s a sample of what’s to come!

Series: The route to getting a book published

  • What’s involved to get a book published via a small press publishing house
  • General — Writing/critiquing/beta reader/etc
  • Query Letters
  • Submission process
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Expectations
  • Resources — helpful information to get started

Series: Self-publishing isn’t for weak of heart

  • How do I get started with self-publishing
  • General — Writing/critiquing/beta reader/etc
  • Importance of getting a team
  • Editors
  • Critique Partners
  • Beta readers
  • Cover designer
  • Formatter
  • Marketing strategies — Including how to sell yourself to your readers–meaning creating your brand for yourself and NOT just selling that book, giveaways, guest appearances, etc…

What else do you want to see as part of this web series? Leave a comment and let me know and I’ll add it to my list :).