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Today’s guest stop is from the genius mind and cover designer extraordinaire. As many of you might know branding and look and feel of a book cover is as important as the story inside it. So choosing the right kind of designer is crucial.

As part of release week celebration, I asked my designer a few questions about her experience, how she manages to creates amazing designs time after time. So without further ado, here’s Regina Wamba!

1. Do you have any degree or training in fine arts or Photoshop prior to starting your first book cover? If so (or not), with all possible career choices you could have had, what got you started with the publishing industry?
I went to college for Visual Communications before I started designing professionally. I LOVE to read. Goodreads Forum is where I started, I kind of fell into book cover creation and found working with authors truly was my passion.

2. I’ve known you for almost 2 years this August ;). I’ve stalk… er, followed your work and the gorgeousness you create on a daily basis. However, inquiring minds what to know what was your first cover design? And how has that changed since?
My very first cover design was Bruce Werre’s Rocket: A Football Memoir, which is set in my state, Minnesota. Bruce’s cover was typography driven. I still focus on typography, it’s so important! Many of the markets I design for have character driven covers as well. I work with a lot of photography and illustrating now.

3. What would you say your favorite type of creativity do you want to rest of eternity (Book Covers, swag, trailers, photo shoots?)? And do you prefer specific genre (YA, NA, Paranormal, contemporary, a mix?)?
For genre: I love paranormal. Seriously. There is just something so awesome and challenging about designing. PLUS it’s my fave genre to read.

4. Do you read the books that you create cover for?
I do read when I can. It’s unfortunate that I don’t get to read every single book I’ve designed a cover for. I love reading the descriptions and the samples and learning as much as I can about the book while I’m designing.

5. Is there a difference between ebook Cover and print version? How does the experience defer for you? What are some of the pieces you consider, thumbnail size, HD image, page numbers, etc…
The big thing with all ebook covers is to create something visually enticing, combined with strong typography that’s beautiful on both HD and little thumbnails, but will also transition nicely into a printed full cover.

6. Seriously, I want to know HOW you do this… I haven’t seen a single cover that is like the previous… How do you keep things fresh and eye catchy and Gorgeous? HOW! What’s your secret? I mean come on, even your PRE-MADES are amazing quality!
I research, take a look at authors’ markets. Focus on the author’s brand and style. It’s very important that design is one that will work for an author’s specific market. For Pre-mades, I take the inspiration that hits me, and run with it.

7. I remember when we first met for Dracian Legacy, we talked about the book cover design and what I was looking for. Besides the point I just spewed stuff in all directions, what’s your process to taking the jibberish authors (like me) throw at you and making it into a beautiful concept?
I ask lots of questions, I want to take everything you give me and narrow it down to specifics.

8. Is this process different for your pre-mades?
Designing a pre-made is different, I don’t have an author telling me the story, I kind of have a visual story in mind, or inspiration sparked during the course of my day.

9. Lastly, if you could be doing one thing… One thing only, what would you do?
Travel! Visit Every Continent!

Connect with Regina:
Instagram: http://instagram.com/reginawamba
G+: https://plus.google.com/u/1/+ReginaWamba

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