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Today, I am hosting Author Sarah Neeve on my website for the YA Scavenger Hunt!


Growing up I wanted to be one of two things: A vet or a graphic designer. Okay, I wanted to be a singer too, but believe me when I say, I have not got a voice for singing. I did pass all my flute exam before I was thirteen though. But I never became a vet or a graphic designer. Oh well. 

You’re probably wondering where the writing thing comes from? 

I’ve been writing poetry since I was young, and devoured books at an alarming rate (still do today) and I thought, I wonder if I can do that, write a book? So I did. I wrote a book.

Sarah Neeve was born in Pakefield, England. She currently resides in Norwich, England with her Husband, Son and his girlfriend, and a scatty, eating-machine-of-a-cat named Millie.


  • She’s a massive Harry Potter fan
  • She’s addicted to The Simpsons Tapped Out game
  • She hates having her photo taken

Here’s a little about the book and Buy link!

This cover is 32 kinds of pretty–kinda like my favorite number 😉


The rules were simple. But playing for real is a whole new game.

Author: Sarah Neeve

Project Probe, book 2

Genres: Adventure, Science Fiction

Length: Novella

Publication Year: 2016


With Stuart gone, turning fifteen was the least of Jordan’s problems. Because, not only had he a lost a friend, he’d lost Jess’ trust too. Leaving London behind, Jordan and his friends head for the countryside, hoping to find a place to hide and plot their next move. Little do they know, an event is about to happen that none of them had envisioned.

New kids join the group, upsetting the balance, bringing with them their own set of problems. And one in particular has a secret they’re not willing to share. Forced to keep moving, Orford Ness becomes their main focus, an abandoned military installation on a small island off the coast of Suffolk. But no one has a clue what lurks there. Except one.

But when tragedy strikes, will they still battle together to reach their goal. Or, will the game succeed in splitting the group apart.

 J&S Interview

Feel free to tell your audience a bit about yourself/yourselves.

Jordan: Hi, I’m Jordan Scarlen, but my friends call me J. It’s okay if you want to call me that too. I don’t mind. Well, I’m fourteen, although technically I’m fifteen. Oh heck, I’ve just blabbed a spoiler.

Sully: God, J, put your mouth in gear for one minute. All right (winks at interviewer), I’m Craig Sullivan, but nearly everyone calls me Sully. To the readers out there, no, I’m not blue and fluffy.

Jordan: Stop butting in, I hadn’t finished! As I was saying, I’m fourteen. Video games are my thing, and I rank in the top twenty. Oh, and I’m not too bad of a football player—or soccer player as they call it in America. Plus, I have received player of the year three times in a row. Just thought I’d throw it out there.

Sully: (snorts) They’re not interested in your footie prowess J. Although, I’m not too bad of a player myself.

Jordan: He tends to dream a lot (whispers to interviewer and smiles).

Sully: I heard that. Oh, and just to let you know, he isn’t the only high ranker in the gaming world. I rank one place above J (folds his arms and smirks).

Fun Facts, ’cause I’m weird like that. What’s your favourite snack food and why?

Jordan: Don’t even get him started on snack food (rips the chocolate bar out of Sully’s hand). Don’t you know it’s rude to eat when you’re being interviewed! Sorry ‘bout that, he can never take his mind off his guts for longer than five-minutes.

Sully: Oy! I hadn’t finished that!

Jordan: I bet you can guess what his favourite snack is. Right? (laughs loudly) I prefer crisps, any flavour, and any type. I just love the way they crunch in your mouth.

Sully: Yeah well, you’ve got a big enough gob to fit them in (nearly falls off the chair at his own joke). It’s stupid stating the obvious now, thanks J. Oh what the heck, I love chocolate, especially when it’s warm and melts in your fingers. Don’t give me any of that stick-it-in-a-fridge-to-make-it-last-longer crud. I want to eat it when I’ve got it, not wait around.

Jordan: I think they can work that out for themselves Sully.

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be and why?

Sully: Me, well it’s obvious really, I want to be the next Wayne Rooney. For anyone who doesn’t know who he is, he plays forward for Manchester United. You must have heard of them. Right? (eyes interviewer with a questioning look).

Jordan: I don’t think Sarah’s told him yet that he can’t play football. That’s our creator you know (whispers to interviewer). I’m looking at becoming a writer. I’m just waiting for Sarah, or SD as we call her, to allow me post a few things on her blog.

Sully: How can she let you post anything? You do realise you’re not real, don’t ya? I swear she hit his head a few times when she created him (laughs and snorts).

Jordan: Stranger things have happened. Am I right?

I wouldn’t know. So, any odd food or beverage you enjoy?

Jordan: Nah. And I can’t say I’d be interested in trying anything different. I like my food plain and simple.

Sully: Don’t know. I haven’t tried nothing odd, but there was that school trip to France last year. Remember J. I might have tried something unusual then?

Jordan: I’d prefer to forget about that (leans away). Don’t even go there (shakes his head at interviewer).

If you could be any other fictional character, who would it be and why?

Sully: Tough one. Can I pick a comic book hero? If I can, I’d be Batman. Batman rules.

Jordan: Let him have it or we’ll be here all day. I’d like to be Ron Weasley from Harry Potter. I think he’s one of the best characters, plus he gets the best girl.

Sully: Trust you to bring up girls.

If you were honest, what is your biggest quirk?

Jordan: Not sure, you’d have to ask him (stabs a finger in Sully’s direction). I can tell you what his are though. Snorting. Sulking. Compulsive eating. Do you want me to go on?

Sully: I don’t snort!

Jordan: Yeah, you do.

Sully: Yeah well, at least I don’t think I’m real. I’d call that a quirk. Plus he’s always chewing his fingernails.

What do you really think of each other?

Jordan: We may moan a lot, but we’ve known each other since playschool. He’s my best mate, so of course I like him.

Sully: You sap. Nah, he’s right. We might argue and have a punch-up now and again, but I’ve always got his back.

Give us a little insight into your world.

Jordan: Which world is that exactly? The one where we live with all the other characters, or the book world?

Sully: Just answer the question, why’ve you got to turn everything into a saga. Look, we can’t say too much about the book world we live in. Spoilers (air quotes) she keeps telling us.

Jordan: I don’t think a little info would hurt.

Sully: Your funeral, do you want to make it to the end? (points a finger across his neck slowly)

Jordan: He has a point. (gulps) Let’s just say, we have to undertake a journey looking for our families. Sometimes it’s okay, other times, not so much. Its Winter when this all happens, so that’s a factor we have to contend with. Plus the stranger, (shudders) we don’t like it much. But, at least we get to do things we like along the way. Don’t we Sully.

Sully: (refuses to utter a word)

Touchy question. Okay, favourite type of music? Song that makes you all sappy?

Jordan: You go first; I need to think this one over.

Sully: Don’t really listen to music unless SD plays her stuff while she’s writing. I suppose Snow Patrol isn’t that bad. And J needs no help when it comes to being sappy, do ya (snorts a few times).

Jordan: You’re not funny. But I’m with Sully on this one. Can’t say I agree with all of SD’s choices of music. Not that we haven’t tried to voice our opinions. As for me though, I don’t mind City & Colour.

Care to share a secret crush, feeling, or aggravation about one of your fellow characters? This can be parents, a secondary character, an antagonist, etc…

Sully: Hell yeah, J’s got a massive crush on Jess. You should see him, makes me want to puke.

Jordan: (thumps Sully hard) So what if I like her. Anyway, it’s nothing.

Sully: HA! Course not, so why’d ya follow after her like a lost puppy all the time?

Jordan: Yeah well, at least I’m not a sad-act like you. Sully has a problem with making friends; it’s a major problem called sulking.

What’s been your biggest life challenge?

Sully: (sulks and refuses to answer)

Jordan: Give him two minutes, or a chocolate bar. Either one will work.

Right, biggest life challenge? Tough one. I’d say my book-life is all a challenge, but you’d have to read the book to find that out. Not that I’m plugging or anything, I’m under strict instructions not to say too much. Where we live, that’s hard, especially when you’re sharing space with countless characters who always want the attention on them.

So, how and when do you normally chat with your creator?

Jordan: As I said whenever we can get the chance. But when she’s writing about us, she sends the others on holiday for a bit. We had a great trip a couple of weeks back, didn’t we Sully.

Sully: S’pose it was all right.

Jordan: All right! We got two weeks in Florida. I’d say it was brilliant. She’s great like that, you know. Here, eat this (throws Sully the chocolate bar he took from him).

Is your creator more movie star, pro athlete, nature trail junkie, or bookworm? Why?

Jordan: SD loves books. She’s always reading.

Sully: She’s no movie star. I didn’t mean that in a bad way, she’s just not a limelight kind of person.

Jordan: She also loves walking. Not so much now though.

K, give it up. What’s your creator REALLY like? Humour works!!

Sully: This is strictly between us, right. It won’t make it online?

Jordan: I wouldn’t if I were you (looks daggers at Sully).

Sully: Shut up, you pussy. Anyway, I’ve seen the storyline for the next book, so it’s payback time. Where do I start? Well, she talks to the cat like it’s a baby. Freaky. She can’t sing, but she tortures everyone in the house every time she has a bath. Us included (whispers to interviewer and grimaces). And she dances in the bath, not a nice thing to watch. (snorts and raises his eyes)

Jordan: Yeah but, she always chats to us, asks us how we’re doing, if we like what she’s written. Okay, that makes her sound kinda screwy. What I mean is, she looks after us.

Sully: Trust you to butt-lick. She’s crazy, plain and simple. Everyone else thinks it, including her family. And you can’t ignore that annoying thing she does where all the cooking utensils have to be a certain way and in the exact same place she left them. You can’t say that’s normal.

Jordan: Yeah well, I disagree. What’s wrong with being neat?

Sully: Neat! It borders on obsessive!

Jordan: It’s probably best if you say no more. Wouldn’t want her cutting you from the book, now would you.

Sully: Yeah, perhaps you’re right (looks uncomfortable and pulls the neck of his jumper). Sorry, no more questions.

Jordan: Quick plug before we go. If that’s alright? (smiles sweetly at the interviewer).

Sure. Knock yourself out.

Jordan: Yeah? Brilliant. Well, SD set up a special group for us. So if anyone wants to come and talk, they can head on over to SD’s website and click the Team Warrior tab and ask to join the group. We’re really stoked to get the chance to speak to people. It’ll make a nice change from arguing with all the other characters. I think that’s it? (scratches head and looks at Sully). Yep. That’ll do it.

Okay… well, thanks for taking the time out of you busy schedule.

And don’t forget to enter the contest for a chance to win a ton of signed books by me, Sarah Neeve, and more! To enter, you need to know that my favorite number that’s been included somewhere in this post. Add up all the favorite numbers of the authors on the GREEN team and you’ll have all the secret code to enter for the grand prize!



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