Here is a quick teaser from Dracian Legacy!  Let me know what you think!  I want to hear your thoughts :).


“It was my responsibility and I froze.  I failed.”  His voice chocked with regret, agony.

I placed my hand over his to bring him comfort I felt from him when he held me.

“Forgiveness brings freedom Axel.  Freedom from being controlled by past, freedom from emotional ties, freedom from continuous battle with hate and bitterness.  If you can let go, I promise you will be whole again and enjoy life the way I know your mom would want.  You’ve already given back more than enough for something that wasn’t your fault.”  I signed.  I held his face between my hand and he leaned into it closing his eyes.  “And you have start with forgiving yourself first.  You have tormented yourself for far too long, Alexander.”

I felt him tremble in my hands.  He wasn’t afraid to let me see him vulnerable.

“You need to let go.  You need…no you deserve life where love exists.  Not hate, not vengeance.  You deserve more and I want to be there to help you.  Open your heart, Alexander and feel what life has to offer.”

He opened his eyes and bore his piercing blue eyes into mine in way that left me breathless.  His Adam’s apple moved, like he wanted to say something that will break him further.

“Finding you was the best thing that had happened to me, Ren….”