You guys wouldn’t believe how excited I’m about the reaching over 56 likes on my facebook author page and over 134 twitter followers! This is well beyond my giddiness. You guys rock and thank you so much for your support. Now to celebrate such an awesome group of followers, here is a teaser from Dracian Legacy.

This scene is when Ren sees Axel for the first time. Hope you enjoy it.

My favorite song, “Dance with Me” by Nouvelle Vague, started playing when he walked in, talking on the phone, catching my full, undivided attention.

Pey murmured something in my ear and giggled. I waved her off and continued to gawk at him shamelessly.

His brown hair fell slightly over his forehead, hovering over those electrifying blue eyes. He was dressed in a mid-night black clothes and dark heavy boots that went with it. His tall lean frame slid into the seat next to his friends that had come in earlier. There was something familiar about him. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

Then those penetrating eyes gazed into mine and a delicious smile appeared on his full lips. I sucked in a deep breath feeling the full effect coil deep inside the core of my existence.

Ah hell, this was bad. Double-chocolate-chips-goes-to-my-hips kinda bad.

Well, what do you guys think? What do you think about Axel?

Happy Tuesday!