Good Morning lovelies!

I know I’ve been completely absent on blog anyways for quite a few months. I promise I have a great reason for it.

See a few months ago, something really amazing happened that’s caused my absence online and more time sleeping…

You ready to hear the news? And of course, what better way than to share my news than with my favorite Winchester brothers?


Well here it goes… in…







The Kanaparti family is expecting a new little bundle of screams, giggles and a whole lot of diaper changing come Summer 2014!!! Yes my amazing friends, Raj and I are going to be parents again and Jay is going to be a Big Brother. The official due date is: July 28th!!!


I gotta say, the Mr. and I had the best and most surprising news the day after thanksgiving.

We wanted to wait until I’m in my second trimester before sharing this wonderful news with the rest of the world.

Now as for you wondering what this really means to my writing life… here’s a quick rundown!

Originally, I planned on:

Finishing up (aka edits):

Dracian Legacy (Dracian-Book, #1)

Dracian Origins (Dracian-Book, #2)

Forever Kinda Love (Mature YA Contemporary Romance)

Butterfly Pieces (NA Contemporary Romance)

Writing new stories:

Dracian Revolution (Dracian-Book, #3)

A brand spanking new YA-SCI-FI futuristic story that involved Aliens and revolution and tons of action

Another NA novel that involves kidnapping and romance :).

Finish up a co-authoring project set in Post-apocalyptic times – the co-author is a secret for now πŸ˜‰


But since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve been sleeping A LOT.

I can’t stay up late working on things like I used to. It’s the sleep is my new best friend. So, instead of having 5 books completed and 4 ready to be edited, I’ll only have completed 6. Please see below for scheduled release dates :):

Finishing up (aka edits):

Dracian Legacy (Dracian-Book, #1) – Release 2/25/2014

Dracian Origins (Dracian-Book, #2) – Release 7/2014

Forever Kinda Love (Mature YA Contemporary Romance) Release 10/7/2014

Dracian Revolution (Dracian-Book, #3) – Sometime 2/2015

Butterfly Pieces (NA Contemporary Romance) Release 7/2015

Draft up the Sekret project with my amazing secret co-author ;). 10/2015


So hope all that clears up what I’ve been up to these past few months. Thank you again for your amazing support and patience as I continue to bake up this baby inside me and the stories in my head!