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To celebrate the re-release of The Key of Amatahns by Elisabeth Wheatley, Inkspelled Faery is hosting ten days of visiting your favorite authors as they talk about their very first novels, topped off by an all-day Facebook party with fun, games, and giveaways. Check out the full line up of authors and don’t forget to join the Facebook party on the 25th!


Dracian legacy Cover

At seventeen, Ren Pernell knows the meaning of tragedy.

But then, a year after losing her parents, Axel Knight walks through the door and changes everything. Strange creatures start to appear, her best friend suddenly finds her irresistible, and an undeniable, unexplainable bond with Axel threatens to drive her insane. She knows he’s the key. There’s something he’s not sharing, and she’s determined to find out.

Demanding answers, she finally learns the truth: everything she ever believed is an illusion. Caught in a centuries-old blood feud between races she never knew existed, Ren discovers her true destiny. She’s the chosen one, the Echo, preordained to end the bloodshed.

There’s just one catch–in order to save those she loves and a homeland she’s never seen, she’ll have to die.

With the clock running out, she’ll have to navigate a new world of betrayal, lies and deceit. If she can forgive, finding love even in the darkest places, she just might be able to escape the prophecy. But how much is she willing to sacrifice for a cause she didn’t know she was part of? And what will it take for her to be free?

Recommended for 16+ YA readers

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To start us off, can you sum up your first novel in a tweet, 140 characters or less?

A unknown world surrounded by evil and a boy that’s been sent to find the girl and ends up falling in love. Problem? The girl’s in for a rude awakening and her part in ending the silent war.

What are you most proud of in this title?

It’s my debut novel. As such, I’m beyond ecstatic that people ACTUALLY were reading my work and I had come up with a world that’s beyond ordinary to indulge in and be taken into in Book 2 & 3.

Do you think your writing has changed since your debut? In what way?

Absolutely! I’ve learned alot of things since my debut novel and then some. For starters, I’ve become better about plotting my story–major thanks to my editor Kisa Whipkey–and I think my writing has improved in general.

If you could give one piece of advice to yourself when you were writing your first book, what would it be?

I’d tell myself to read alot more paranormal/fantasy books before writing this book.

Anything you would do different if you could do it over again?

Without a doubt, I’d have written all 3 books in the series.

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