YOU GUYS, YOU GUYS! I’m so flipping excited about this announcement. You know why? Because I have the greatest set of readers any author can ask for. And even though my current I-can’t-wait-for-your-next-book readers are only a handful, I’m so overwhelmed by their support, I decided to create a Street Team. YES, you heard that right! A STREET TEAM called P-XTREMES

What’s  P-XTREMES you ask?

It’s a group of people that love my work so much, they help spread the word out. In addition they bribe naive and expert book nerds alike into reading my stories and get them excited for the next release. They are the group of people that are near and dear to my author and always are the first to know of any new announcement/ swag / and anything else before the general public.

What would I have to do and what does that entail?
Spreading the word (Tweet or Post, whatever) when…

  • There’s a new release or a sale or an event
  • There’s a giveaway
  • Teaser Tuesdays or Teaser pics or release info that is shared
  • There is a contest or poll where you can vote and share

Other things you can do

  • Post HONEST reviews for the author’s books that you’ve read on book sites
  • Take swag\material to your local libraries or festivals.
  • Create badges/banners/fan art
  • Recommend the books that you enjoyed
  • RT important tweets or SHARE important FB posts, etc.
  • At times squeal like there’s no tomorrow.

What do I GET in return for helping?

  • You’ll know about things before anyone else
  • 1st chance at giveaways – Arc/key chains/ book marks
  • Get sneak peek into chapters and teasers before anyone else
  • See cover reveals before anyone else
  • Blog button

So if you’re interested, just sign up using this form. I’ll send you a welcoming newsletter! Thank you SO much!

Please use #P-Xtremes when tweeting.