Hello! As FOREVER KINDA LOVE release nears, I have plans. Plans that involve giveaways and paperbacks, Ebooks, and SWAG... From other authors AND myself! I've approached a handful of authors and asked them if they were willing to DONATE their books and/or Swag, so that you my lovely readers can WIN them! AND WINNING YOU SHALL! Starting August 11th and until the day of release --August 15th--I'll create a special post that'll go out to ALL my newsletter subscribers. Each post will include Rafflecopter at the end telling you what you're going to win for the day! All swag/paperback/mailing related stuff will be shipped for Domestic/US residents only! However, if you're a winner of the day and live out of US, I'll GIFT you the ebook from one of the retailers or figure something else out for the same value of your winnings. I don't want anyone to miss out on this opportunity! So here are the rules! RULE #1: SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEWSLETTER RULE #2: Follow RULE #1 :). YUP! It's that simple! Sign up for my Newsletter and make sure you follow through the sign up process! Because the winners will be announced via the newsletter the following day :). Also, I'll provide additional ways you can gain more chances to win! But signing up to the newsletter is the ONLY way to win! Xoxo Clara