First Comes Love

A standalone Summer Fling Contemporary Romance Novella

Some loves are undeniable. Some burn with the heat of summer.

When Homer Lovelly pulled over to help a stranded damsel in distress, he never expected he’d meet his soul mate. But from the moment Claire clocked him in the head with her boot—and then kissed him—he knew she was it.

She’d be his undoing.

Wild, sexy, and fearless, Claire is intoxicating. She’s also leaving at the end of summer, a few short weeks away. Homer knows he shouldn’t fall for her. He also knows he doesn’t have a choice. And with September rising fast on the horizon, he’s almost out of time.

The question is, can he convince Claire that what he feels is more than a summer fling, or will he watch as the woman he’s meant to marry walk out of his life forever?

Scroll up and one click today to see why fans of The Notebook and The Summer Boyfriend will fall in love with this steamy, summer-fling romance.

Publisher: JS Publications
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Fearless For Love

A Standalone Interconnected Alpha Bad Boy Romance

Book Cover: Fearless For Love
Editions:eBook: $ 3.99 USD
Paperback: $ 13.99 USD
ISBN: 978-0692687413
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 408

How do you love when love is what you fear most?

Jessica Owens is done.

Done with throwing her life away over a promise she made to her deceased father.

Done with love.


Moving to Florida was meant to be a fresh start, a chance to pursue her love of music and make her dreams a reality. Instead, she finds herself swept up in a world of underground cage fights, crime syndicates, and cocky, intense bad boys with names like Killshot.

Nothing screams shady like a man with a sniper name—sexy as he is.

Still, there’s something about him that has her hooked. When it comes to Harrington Lovelly, though, nothing is ever what it seems.

And as the danger around them mounts, Jessica starts to wonder: will giving her heart to this questionable white knight be her salvation, or her undoing?

Scroll up and one click today to see why fans of Beautiful Disaster and Warrior Fight Club will fall in love with this gritty, action-packed romance.

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Flirting With Love

An Interconnected Standalone Rivals to Lovers Contemporary Romance

Sometimes, all love needs is a little hope and a prank.

Blake Voss didn’t just step onto the campus of Cranbrook Preparatory High, she exploded like a firecracker. Too bad school rivalries run deep, and the feisty Blake is on the opposing debate team.

Still, Hudson can’t deny he’s attracted. All he needs is the right opening—an opening his friend Hope provides when she conveniently pushes Hudson and Blake together. To get back at her, they decide to pull the ultimate prank: pretend to be in love.

But Hudson isn’t pretending. He’ll do anything to be with Blake, even if it means risking his heart to protect her. Only, he’s not the one who sacrifices for their love.

And in the wake of tragedy, Hudson’s left to wonder: is hope enough when love isn’t?

Scroll up and one click today to see why fans of Definitely, Maybe in Love and The Fill-In Boyfriend will fall head over heels for this sweet, dual timeline rivals-to-lovers romance!

Publisher: JS Publications
Cover Artists:

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